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10 Employees: 15 Personalities – How to Make Your Office a Happy and Productive Place.

Melissa L. Lombardo CAE, Sarasota County, FL
Edye McCarthy MS, Town of Greenburgh, NY

A Modern Approach to Assessment Appeals

Andrew Harrison GISP, Schneider Geospatial
Tom Van Buer, Johnson County, IA
Alveno Ross, Augusta, GA

Addressing the Assessment Inequity in the Malaysian Local Property Tax System

Ezwan Bin Bustamin, University of Malaya, Malaysia

AI Technology for Homestead Exemption Auditing and Instant Vetting of New Exemption Applications

Mike Sarver, Assessure Systems

Appraiser Expert Witness Depositions: A Guide for the Attorney and Appraiser

William D. Shepherd JD, Hillsborough County, FL
Irene E. Sokoloff MAI, IES Valuation Services

Artificial Intelligence: What is it and how can we use it?

Paul Bidanset PhD (Candidate), IAAO

Assessed Value Caps: Panacea or Deception

Alan S. Dornfest AAS, FIAAO, Idaho State Tax Commission
Kathlynn Ireland, Idaho State Tax Commission

Assessment and Tax Working from the Heart for a Better Community

Larry L. Laverty CAE, City of Lethbridge, AB
Kerry A. Boogaart, City Of Lethbridge, AB

AVM Showdown: A Performance Comparison of Today's Most Popular Modeling Techniques

Paul E. Bidanset PhD (Candidate), IAAO
Joshua E. Myers, Josh Myers Valuation Solutions, LLC

Best Practices: Performing Site Analysis, Research, and Due Diligence

Edward L. Martinez IDECC, CoreLogic

Break It Down: Improving Workflow Efficiency & Productivity In Your Office

Marc M. Moffitt, Denton Central Appraisal District, TX

Building and Employing a Mobile Field Application

Jeff P. Niebauer, Brunswick County, NC
Marlon J. Long, Brunswick County, NC
Ronnie Smith, Brunswick County, NC

Challenges and Lessons Learned from Defending Timeshare Valuation

Katrina Scarborough, Osceola County, FL

Conversions Don’t have to be Painful! Breakthroughs with Agile CAMA Conversions

Derek J. Green AAS, Williamsburg, VA
Katryna Cadle, Vision Government Solutions, Inc
Gary L. Fields CAE, ASA, Vision Government Solutions, Inc

Creating Accurate, Automated Mass Appraisal Models

Lonnie Hendry Jr, MSRE, Trepp, LLC

Creating Custom Market Delineations

Kevin Keene, City of Philadelphia, PA
Bindi Shakya, City of Philadelphia, PA

Delineating Objective Market Segments using Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) and GIS Tools

Daniel J. Fasteen PhD, Aumentum Technologies

Designing and Implementing an Effective Public Relations Program

Rachel McIntee, Osceola County, FL

Discover the Benefits of your Most Potent Asset: Your Data

Tim Bross, Tyler Technologies

Equalization of Data and Ideas to Improve Your Models

Ryan DeLeon RES, AAS, Adams County, CO
Brooke Medlam RES, DeLeon Appraisals

Exemptions and Reliefs – A Legitimate way of Reducing the Property Tax Burden?

David Magor OBE, IRRV (Hons), Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation

GIS 101 for Assessors

Brent Jones PE, PLS, Esri
Paul Bidanset PhD (Candidate), IAAO

Homestead Exemption Audit Program: Helping Find Millions of Tax Revenue

Roland Altinger, Harris County Appraisal District, TX
Matthew Donahue, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Martin Villarreal, Webb County Appraisal District, TX
Dinah Kilgore, El Paso Central Appraisal District, TX

How Autonomous Flying is Innovating Property Assessments by Driving Efficiency and Profitability

David (Chalky) Petterson, EagleView

How COVID-19 May Change the Commercial Real Estate Market

John Wilson, King County, WA

How Seminole County Uses AI to Streamline Property Transfers and Sales Validation

Katie Grasso AAS, CFE, Seminole County, FL
David Johnson CFA, Seminole County, FL
Imran Khoja, Just Appraised
Andy Morgosh, Just Appraised

How to Avoid Ransomware and How to Recover if you’re Victimized

Michael Motta, City of New Bedford, MA

How to Use the Microsoft Power BI Technology to Manage Operations

Brandon D. Croniser, King County, WA

‘I Never Got My Notice’ – True or False? How to Prove it!

Jim Cote', The Master's Touch

Identify and Appraise Residential Teardowns

Roger M. Webb RES, SRA, Mecklenburg County, NC
Kenneth Joyner RES, AAS, Mecklenburg County, NC

Ignite the Fire Within

Allison Massari

Just Commit! How to use GitLab to Manage Workflow and Increase Transparency in Assessments

Robert Ross, Cook County, IL

Keys to Success in Single Property Commercial Tax Appeals

Tim Keller MAI, Keller Craig and Associates
Dan Craig JD, MAI, realquantum, LLC

King County Uses Microsoft Dynamics for Property Tax Administration System, Including CAMA

Regis Bridon, King County, WA
John Wilson, King County, WA

Knives Lose at Gun Fights: Big Box, Retail, and Mall Valuation Tools

Shannon L. Krause, Wauwatosa, WI
William Miller, Integra Realty Resources
Eugene Szkilnyk, Integra Realty Resources

Los Angeles County - We’re Finally Going Paperless!

Scott Thornberry, Los Angeles County, CA
Tracy Rekart, Los Angeles County, CA

Managing a Tax Office and Revaluation During a Natural Disaster

Jeff P. Niebauer, Brunswick County, NC
Marlon J. Long, Brunswick County, NC

Market Analysis and Its Impact on Assessors

Jefferson L. Sherman MAI, AI-GRS, Appraisal Institute

Market Approach by Multiple Regression Analysis: A Texas Appraisal District Case Study

Chris B. Connelly RPA, CAE, AAS, Williamson Central Appraisal District, TX

Mitigating Risk in Appeals Dealing with the Cost Approach

Edward L. Martinez IDECC, CoreLogic

Open Source Data Analytics

Mark C. Cooke PhD, Tax Management Associates, Inc

Personal Property E-filing Portal: Making a Legislative Mandate a Reality

Jennifer D. Byrd ACA, CPM, Alabama Department of Revenue
Evelyn H. Pope MBA, ACA, Alabama Department of Revenue

Personal Property Valuation of Memorabilia

Leila Dunbar, Leila Dunbar Appraisals and Consulting, LLC

Power BI 101 - An Introduction to Power BI

David M. Cornell CAE, MAI, Cornell Consultants, LLC

Power BI Dashboards and R Shiny: Improving Your Assessment Life Cycle

Michael S. Safarty, Alachua County, FL

PR for Assessing: Taking an ‘Offensive Approach’ to a Defensive Profession with the Help of Technology

Gregory T. Hutchinson CTA, Howell Township, NJ

Project Back to the Future: Agricultural Land Valuation in Mountrail County, ND

Rory Porth, Mountrail County, ND

Property Tax Officials Can Help Save Lives

Kirk Boone PPS, AAS, University of North Carolina School of Government
Margaret Henderson MPA, University of North Carolina School of Government

Property Tax Policy Research Tools, Methods and Resources

Ron Rakow, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Alan S. Dornfest AAS, FIAAO, Idaho State Tax Commission

Property Valuation: A Critical Success Factor for Pakistani Tax System

Rizwan A. Sherwani MSc, MA, Excise & Taxation Department, Punjab, Pakistan

Quality Assurance for Property Tax Valuations - International Experience

Paul Sanderson JP, LLB (Hons), FRICS, FIRRV, International Property Tax Institute

Quality Control of Commercial Real Estate Valuations

Ben Bervoets, Waarderingskamer
Marco Kuijper, Waarderingskamer

Realquantum for Commercial Appeals and Litigation. Better Data, Stronger Case

Jeff Weiner, realquantum

Rumbling with Vulnerability: An Interactive Session

Tiffany A. Opheikens RES, Weber County, UT
Opal Hudson, Hillsborough County, FL
Rebecca Malmquist CAE, City of Minneapolis, MN

Short-Term Rentals

Robert Thompson, Cook County, MN

Show Me the Numbers! How to Build Intelligence Dashboards for your Office

Daniel Snow, Cook County, IL
Nicole Jardine, Cook County, IL

Ski Areas, River Rafters, and Airports: Assessing Possessory Interests in Exempt Property

Michael Krueger, Colorado Division of Property Taxation

Solutions for Estimating the Value of Land in a Large Urban Jurisdiction

Semida Munteanu, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Daniel McMillen PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jennifer Rearich MAS, RES, Maricopa County, AZ

Statistical and Graphical Analytics using 'R' and Web GIS

Matthew Bryant, DEVNET Inc
Nicholas Skradski, DEVNET Inc

Stats, Graphs, and Data Science: A Compressed View

George Dell SRA, MAI, ASA, CRE, Consultant

Tax Increment for the Public Good: The Downtown Fort Collins, Colorado, Experience

Bob Overbeck, Larimer County, CO
Matt Robenalt, Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority

The Cost Approach and Enterprise Value Properties: Overview and Complications

Richard E. Jortberg MAI, RJ Associates Inc

The Future of Professions in a Changing World

Sean Tompkins, RICS

The Pathway to Geo-Enablement – Steps to Reaching the Summit!

Michael Lomax, Esri Canada
Todd Bergren, Esri Canada

The Power of Collaboration: Creating a Statewide Property Tax System

Tina Stone PPS, AAS, North Carolina Department of Revenue
David Baker PPS, North Carolina Association of County Commissioners
Alan Lumpkin, Wayne County, NC
John Burgiss RES, Forsyth County, NC
Ed Parker, Farragut Systems Inc

The Retail Apocalypse

Pete Rodda CAE, RES, Norfolk, VA

The Use and Benefits of Automated Valuation Models: Results and Insights from the 2019 AVM Survey

Ron Rakow, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Paul Bidanset PhD (Candidate), IAAO

The use of Technology in the Changing Face of Traditional Assessment Practices

Alexander Hepp, CycloMedia
Jake Wilson, Tyler Technologies

Theme Park Valuation

Rick Singh CFA, Orange County, FL
Terry R. Taylor CAE, RES, AAS, CFE, Orange County, FL

Uncovering Patterns in Valuation Data using Business Intelligence Tools and GIS

Daniel J. Fasteen PhD, Aumentum Technologies

Unleash Productivity with a Truly Integrated Mobile and Desktop Review Platform

Daniel Anderson, Data Cloud Solutions LLC

Using Spatial Attributes in Regression Models

Kevin Keene, City of Philadelphia, PA
Guy Thigpen MUSA GISP, City of Philadelphia, PA

Validate Models with Spatial Statistics in GIS

Katherine Smyth, Esri

Visualizing Real Time CAMA Data Using GIS

Jon Troyer, Weld County, CO

Warp Speed Ahead!: The Future of Assessment Tech

Marc M. Moffitt, Denton Central Appraisal District, TX

Welcome 2 The Jungle: Developing a Strong Team

Jesse Ross, Mr Jesse Ross, LLC

What Is Taxable Real Property?

Curt Settle, State of Colorado Division of Property Taxation
Mike Kerrigan, State of Colorado Division of Property Taxation

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad IEW?

Kara Endicott CAE, RES, Johnson County, KS
Brad Eldridge CAE, MAI, Douglas County, KS