Most Recent Additions*


Imposter Syndrome: The Tendency Towards Low Self-Appraisal
Jessica McNiel RES; Pamela Lamb RES, SRA, CFE; and Opal Hudson CFE, CPM


Transparency as part of the Valuation Process
Ashley Moore; Jake Lackey; and Ken Joyner RES, AAS


DIY Database Decluttering
Dylan J. DiGeronimo


Quality Assurance of CAMA Data Using GIS
Jennifer McGovern and Mike Gerhold


Internships: Benefits and Implementation
Samantha Steele, LaTonya Spearman, and Katie Molinder MPA


Performing Desktop & Mobile Appraisal in Crisis and in Calm
Rod Miller; Melissa Lombardo CAE; Wynta Loughrey RES,CFE; and Robert Smoote


How to Engage with your Legislative Partners
Dorothy Jacks CFA, AAS and Mike Twitty MAI, CFA


The Trouble with Teardown Sales
Melissa L. Lombardo CAE and Edye McCarthy

*Updated as of 03/08/21.