Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration


A paper by Case et al. (2004), “Modeling Spatial and Temporal House Price Patterns: A Comparison of Four Models,” reported the results of a competition on modeling spatial and temporal components of house prices. To expand upon that research, a project titled “Automated Valuation Models by Model-Building Practitioners” was included as a presentation topic at the URISA/IAAO 11th Annual Integrating GIS and CAMA Conference held March 2007 in Las Vegas. Senior, nationally known model builders as well as local and state/province practitioners were asked to participate. In the Case et al. study, a well-documented database of residential sales data and property characteristics was provided by the Fairfax County (Virginia) Assessor’s Office. The same database was provided to participants in this project with the goal of demonstrating the high quality of software and modeling skills of CAMA and AVM practitioners.

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Data processing in assessment, Mass appraisal techniques