Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration


Revenues from property taxes provide substantial operating funds for many jurisdictions. Given the economic significance of these liabilities, the accuracy of assessing them is of great importance to a variety of stakeholders, in particular, property owners and the officials who administer these programs. Assessors are faced with a difficult situation when they have arrived at assessed values only to find that they have unacceptable levels of horizontal or vertical inequity. Even though there may be ways to address this inequity in the short run, there are no approaches to deal with this in the long run. Although this debate has been of interest to both the professional assessment and academic communities, the assessor is still responsible to correct for the issue of inequity if it exists. The question that this project addresses is, How can the assessor deal with the issue of inequity if found at the local level? This is in part accomplished with hedonic or multiple regression analysis.


Assessment performance measures