Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration


Taxpayer information in the determination of value for the assessment of recurrent land taxation has been a priority of government over the past decade in Australia. As the need to increase revenue from this source intensifies, so too does the need to better understand how land value is determined and more importantly how it is used to assess land tax. This paper examines how information used in the determination of value has evolved and has assisted taxpayers and government over the past decade in Sydney, Australia. For this research, the numbers of objections to land values used to assess land tax in 10 local government areas of Sydney, Australia, over a 15-year period were provided by the New South Wales Valuer-General. Over this period and since 2006, when access to sales information became available to taxpayers, the number of objections to land values has decreased. The paper shows that although information has assisted in improving taxpayer understanding, resistance to paying the tax is concentrated in some local government areas of Sydney. In view of these observations, the paper makes a number of policy recommendations to encourage ongoing transparency of the assessment process, while further maintaining the efficiency of revenue from this source.

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Taxpayer compliance; Assessor office public relations