Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration


The unit approach has been used for valuing centrally assessed taxpayers for more than 100 years. In more recent years, however, its appropriateness for valuing in-state property of complex multistate organizations has been called into question. This article explores how this issue has been tested in the courts and addressed by state legislatures and administrative bodies. It concludes that the unit approach has relevance only when it can be determined through reliable methods and then only in two situations: (1) where the intangible property, which is exempt in almost all states, can be valued and removed from the unit value; or (2) where the unit value serves as an upper limit on taxable value.

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Valuation - fractional vs unit techniques


The material in this article was first presented on June 25, 2012, at the 36th annual conference of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation held in Indian Wells, California.